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A timid high school student with the ability to see demons, is one day visited by a mysterious, plush rabbit and taken into a hidden realm.

Now out for blood, the demons in this realm have made it their mission to hunt down anyone who threatens the natural, or, "supernatural" order of their realm. Her only hope of survival is to team up with an empath named Leviticus and his group of demon fighters.

Realm order is a sci-fi/horror webcomic, started in 2019 as a passion project by Mya Shay.


Inspired by the supernatural, as well as a passion for western comics and Japanese manga, Realm Order hopes to blend the two in a balance that can appeal to anyone who is a lover of the comic art form.

The series is ongoing and does have a mature rating for blood and violence.


About The Creator

Mya Shay is a twenty-three year old comic book artist and writer from New England. Raised by a step-father who was a mystic, prophet & exorcist and a mother who was an artist, Mya grew up with rich experiences in the unseen world. Her love for drawing and comics began at an early age as well as her love for writing stories, which ultimately lead her to wanting to write a comic that brought the unseen things that she grew up with onto paper.


The Story So Far

Episode 1 - The Plastic Plane

Deemed a freak by her peers, young Ayako Akame sees no place for her in her world. Her gift to see demons beyond the physical plane has left her at the mercy of school bullies and terrifying visions of monsters throughout her daily life. Little did she know, that after an encounter with a stuffed rabbit, her life would be changed forever.

Episode 2 - The Hidden Realm

After a strange encounter with a stuffed rabbit, Ayako has found herself in a hidden realm, with seemingly no way out. The realm seems strangely quiet, but Ayako quickly realizes that she is not alone, and that this realm has some hidden horrors lurking within it.

Episode 3 - Ayako Akame

After obtaining an injury from a mechanical demon, Ayako encounters a ragtag group of three, who seem to know their way around the Hidden Realm. The group calls themselves The Order, but what order could they possibly be thinking to bring?

Episode 4 - The Empath

Wanting to leave the Hidden Realm, Ayako travels with Leviticus to find a door back to the Plastic Plane. Once there Ayako learns some things about Leviticus that sheds a new light beyond his sunny exterior.

Episode 5 - No Escape

With her new name, Revelations continues to learn about how the Order was able to survive for so long. Revelations has an encounter with another member of the group, and begins to doubt her choice to stay with them after some crushing words from Deuteronomy.

Episode 6 - The Peak

After getting a haircut from a friend, Revelations learns why  the group was out that day they found her. Tensions rise between Leviticus and Ezekiel as Leviticus attempts to put together a plan to find Romans.

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